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Sharon Genasci has been producing award winning documentaries since 1979. She graduated with a Masters in Film & Television Studies from NYU in 1981, and then established Rainbow Video & Film Productions, mainly producing programs independently for PBS affiliates. Titles include, I'd Rather Be a Cowboy, Troubled Harvest, Railroad Women, Inert Alert: Secret Poisons in Pesticides, The Torch is Passed, Logging Siberia, The Water in Our Backyard and What's In Our Air?, Peru: Tapestry of Biodiversity

Before making films she attended London School of Economics, where she obtained a Diploma in Community Work, and then ran a program for five years, teaching video to highschool age students. Her first documentary, Company Town was produced in 1979. She has won many awards, including a Gold at the Houston International Film Festival for What's in Our Air? Her documentaries have been screened at festivals in England and Brazil, and shown on the BBC, and on Russian television, as well as on PBS affiliates throughout the United States.

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