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The Water in Our Backyard
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"The Water In Our Backyard" is a half hour video documentary about the serious problem of water pollution in inner cities, where people are eating fish from polluted waterways. Some people fish in polluted inner city waterways and feed their families the fish, because they need the food and because they come from cultures where fish is a staple in the diet. Some of these people eat the whole fish, consuming more pollutants. Interviews with Drs. Theo Colborn ('Our Stolen Future') and Mary Obrien speak about the danger, particularly to children.

This documentary explains the dangers of eating polluted fish and swimming in polluted water. The video is suitable for junior high through college classroom use, followed by discussion. Classes that might use it are health, sociology, science.

Contacts with activist water groups working on river pollution

Kathy Luscher, River Network, Tel: 503-241-3506, web site: http://www.rivernetwork.org.

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